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Post of the month - February

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Hey everyone,

​Congratulations to @Abigail for winning post of the month last month. It's time to vote on your February post of the month! Thank you to everyone for being so lovely and supportive to everyone on the boards. :)

Here are the nominations below:

@Shaunie's post in 'Hallucinations and Anxiety'
Hey Novocaine

This sounds really difficuly and scary. Sorry youre going through such a hard time:( im glad youre getting some sort of help. Experimental therapies sounds good. I hope youre taking good care of yourself aswell and doing things you enjoy and doing small things that could make you feel better like nice relaxing bath.

Mindfullness and grounding technics can be really helpful. In times where i felt disassociated i would be vaguely suggested to stay midful and present in the here and now. Which can help your concentration aswell. Like even picking up something around you & noticing how that feels & what is around you helps to be less in a dream state of mind. Loking at everything in details & concetrating on your breathing. I know its quite hard to rememeber to do in times of high anxiety but it doesnt need to just be when you get to that point. Can be any time of the day just to help you feel better and get in rountine of doing it & remembering

Its also okay to not know what you want to do after school. Even people who seem to know what they want - end up not wanting it and alll can take some time to know and feel better and that is okay too, youre on your own lil journey. But there is always hope

Take care

@Azziman 's post in 'We are human.'
Hi Abi!x

Sorry to hear how you're feeling - hopefully writing it out was helpful for you! I'm sure that others who see this will find your sleep routine advice really helpful as well.

It's okay - we all can have bad days sometimes, so it's definitely okay to feel that way sometimes. I just hope that you can find some time in your busy routine to look after yourself and address the issues you face - we all need help sometimes!x

Much love <3

@Invisible_me 's post in 'Appointment tomorrow'

So is it the same for you, next appts aren't arranged in the actual appointment. Bit how mine works. OK. Do you know roughly- what's the 'normal gap'?

Writing things down not only helps you plan what you are thinking of saying and somewhat getting it said. But also, helps in anxiety as there is a plan in place. When things are planned for it can reduce some of the anxiety which then makes it easier for you to say things, therefore, better use of the time. Yeah, see how writing things down on a piece of paper to give to him, or like a script of what to say goes for you. There is no correct way of writing things down whatever works for you at the time. For some people, Bullet points are easier than wrting things down 'word-for-word'. It wil become clearer at the time. Maybe you could wriite a few pointers from now. Often working on it over time rather than writing it all down at one time is better.

Let me know how you get on.-Here to help.


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All the best,

- Aife & Mike

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