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Post of the Month - May

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Hey guys!
So last month our post of the month winner was @Maisy and her post is now featured along the top of the boards!

So now for post of the month of May.

We only received a few nominations this month, so if you find anymore that you think are deserving of post of the month just nominate them and I will add them on :)

Our first nomination is @Aidan for and his thread 'Is this the real life'

Secondly we have a nomination for @Shaunie and her post on Firefly1021 'scared to recover'
Just wanted to say this makes complete sense to me and Im not sure if it's normal but felt similar. And I was scared to try to recover from how i felt and thought maybe I'd miss feeling sad because it's such a strong and powerful feeling. But it's not a way you want to live your life and being happy will be so much better then in emotion pain and is what you deserve to feel.

And taking each day of recovery by it's self and will start seeing a difference eventually and will find other ways of how to cope instead of harming. Because it wont happen in one day . And will ve gradual so wont feel to scarey. Glad you're taking the CBT, great step.
I hope that helps and i make sense as well. :)"

​And our final nomination is for @horsemad and their post on the thread 'MRI Scan' by Lostsense
" Hey lost sense

I've had several MRI scan on my head and back i look at it as a huge ring doungnut that your going through the middle . You will has a thing over your head and will have earphones on they will speak to you through them a erasure you , I gave them my phone so they could play my playlist I was given a panic button so if I felt panicky I could press it and they would stop and get me out xx

No one else is allowed in the room but I took a small teddy in with me every time to hold to make me feel less lonely , I found closing my eyes and picturing a happy place helped and it was over what I found very quickly

I know it seems very scary but it will be for the best and the people who do it know it very scary and they are soo helpful xx

If you have any more question just ask and I'll try and help .. I wish you all the best and good luck I'm sure you will be amazing xxx "

I look forward to seeing all the nominations for June!


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