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Post of the month - April!

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This month's POTM comes to you courtesy of mee, having taken a wee sejourn to YouthNet HQ :yippe:

Broken-Angel (nominated by SuzyCreamCheese)

Margaret Thatcher is dead
I'm 15, I was not born, but I know what she did and I have my very strong opinions on her. Saying people can't protest/celebrate because they weren't born is ridiculous, I wasn't born in world war two but I'm still expected to wear a poppy on remembrance day.
I think a lot of older generations do not realise how much politics matter to people in my peer group... the country, the world in fact, is being ruined in many ways right before our eyes. I can't speak for everyone, but I know a lot about Thatcher and the Torys, as do a fair few of my friends. It's not all just people wanting to "look like rebels" and party. It's people who want to see change, who want to stand up for what is right and what they believe in, and why shouldn't they?

my name (nominated by baa ram ewe)

Time for another ranty thread
Brown nasty gross diseased bird diarrhea all over my car. Bird, I know your white shit is awkward, but it is what I'm used to, don't be getting all nasty on me. The car is just in the driveway, no trees around, and there were droppings on the windshield, roof and mirror. WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EAT, BIRD!

SuzyCreamCheese (1) (nominated by ninaballet)

Anniversaries & Birthdays
can get an advance return on the train for £75

Can i paypal you the money? Do you have an account?

SuzyCreamCheese (2) (nominated by Fiend_85)

Margaret Thatcher has died
You do realise that shes dead and you hve just disrespected her?

Emmalee (nominated by Indrid Cold)

Must I REALLY love my family?
You don't have to love anyone, You love the people who love you and who are nice to you and show you respect loving and care, if people don't show you that, and treat you like crap, why should you love them?.

Fiend_85 (nominated by Scary Monster)

Online dating etiquette
I'm not sure that's always true. I know someone who in past relationships would wait a month before having sex with their partner, but in their current relationship dove in after a week and is probably going to marry their current partner.

However, there's a lot to be said for trying to think with your head not your chuff as well. Have a wank before going out maybe?

Arctic Roll (nominated by ShyBoy)

Online dating etiquette
My sex is as often as possible. Ahem.

I don't think jumping into bed precludes things going further, but it can sometimes leave you feeling there is more to the relationship than there actually is. It's easy to think you're together if you've screwed. As long as you're aware of that, sex on a first date is no different to sex on any other date. If things are going to go further they will.

The one time I've done sexing on a first date, I married her...

RubberSkin (nominated by baa ram ewe)

If you had a magic wand...
I'd want a 10" cock, so I'd use the wand to take off 6".

Neddy (nominated by CptCoatHanger)

David Cameron's Government is 'Nastiest' in British History
In a word no.

Cuts are difficult, and the people who really need help (old, disabled, so ill they are unable to support themselves etc) should get it.

But the reason people are so pissed off about these cuts is because the gravy train that was 1997-2010 gave people this strange sense of entitlement when it came to benefits/public sector pay/pensions.

Labour handed out money they didn't have to make themselves popular. People got far too used to being better off and now reality is calling people don't like having to live within their means. Most of these people striking have no concept of what poverty really is.

I'm no tory.....but why exactly should the state hand out money/give people tax breaks just for having a child for example? If you can't afford to pay for that child, don't have it....


Skive (nominated by Kaff)

Margaret Thatcher is dead
Both now famous for fucking minors in the 80's of course.

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