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TheSite Film Club October Poll

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Howdy :hyper:

Thanks for all the nominations for October. We have a great selection! I'm still working on re-writing the guidelines for film club so that it reads a bit clearer and is shorter in length but that will be posted shortly..

I've added the film year to each nomination as well as the certificate. Please, please correct me if I've made a stoopid mistake and put the wrong version up. We have a week to vote and the two winning films will be announced next Friday on the 28th September.

The discussion thread for the two films will be opened on Monday 22nd October and the chat will happen on Wednesday 31st October at 8pm.

So here are the nominations :wave:

TheSite Film Club October Poll 48 votes

An American Werewolf in London (18) 1981
8% 4 votes
The Silence of the Lambs (18) 1991
10% 5 votes
The Witches (PG) 1990
10% 5 votes
The Addams Family (PG) 1991
12% 6 votes
Casper (PG) 1995
10% 5 votes
Halloween (18) 2007
8% 4 votes
The Corpse Bride (PG) 2005
6% 3 votes
A Nightmare on Elm Street (18) 1984
6% 3 votes
The Exorcist (18) 1973
10% 5 votes
Antichrist (18) 2009
8% 4 votes
Love Exposure (18) 2008
0% 0 votes
Stigmata (18) 1999
4% 2 votes
Elf (PG) 2003
4% 2 votes
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