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*triggering* The Blade

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As I Sit,
Lonely and sad,
I look to my only friend in my time of need,
My Blade.
In my dark room,
Lit by one dim candle,
My crimson blood drips to the floor,
Splattering on the wood,
and lighting up my eyes,
In my lowest point.

The release of my pain,
The exhilaration running through my vains,
Help to keep me sain for another day,
Until the cycle begins the next day,
Over and Over.

My freinds ask about my scars,
I tell them it was my cat,
But really it was my only friend,
My sharp,
Silver blade.

*triggering* The Blade 17 votes

You should publish it! I would buy 100000000000000 copies it was that good!
It was great!
It was okay....
UnknownUnknown 2 votes
It was acceptable.....I guess
Unknown 1 vote
It was nothing special
UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown 6 votes
Not my cup of tea really
UnknownUnknown 2 votes
I definatly wouldnt recommend it to anyone.....
Unknown 1 vote
Get a life
UnknownUnknown 2 votes
It was really rubbish!
Unknown 1 vote
It was the worst thing I have ever read!
It Burnt my eyes it was so bad!!!!
I will set fire to myself to escape it!
UnknownUnknown 2 votes
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