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Do you trust the police?

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Do you trust the police?

Ever been arrested?

Have you had any scary experiences with coppers?

Do you think people with a certain personality join the police?

If you are/consider yourself to be in a minority group (for example, some ethnic groups, gender identities ect), do you think that it affected the way you were delt with?

Do you think that your social class affects how the police treated you?

Do you trust the police? 37 votes

Yes - I was arrested and my legal rights were respected
2% 1 vote
No - I was arrested and felt they purposefully intimidated me
10% 4 votes
No - I have pursued legal action against a police officer for harassment/assault
2% 1 vote
I feel I have been discriminated against for my ethnic group/class/sexual orientation/gender/other
5% 2 votes
Yes - I haven't been arrested and have nothing to fear
24% 9 votes
No - I haven't been arrested, but known of people who have been harassed/assaulted/intimidated
13% 5 votes
I think it depends on the officer and is more an individual thing than institutional
32% 12 votes
Other (please elaborate)
8% 3 votes
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