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Another Hypothetical ethical dilemma

Indrid ColdIndrid Cold Warming up?Posts: 16,688
This is a continuation to this in a way. I hope it won't get side-stepped like that one was.

Imagine that you and a group of other people of different races, are lost in the jungle. There is only one person among you that you must accept as leader because he is the only one who knows anything about surviving in a jungle. If you don't let him lead you out of it, the rest of you will probably die.
However, this person is racist. He agrees to help the people of his own race survive (including you), but not any of the others. They'd have to be left behind.
I want you to pick "A: YES" if you'd agree to let him help you, and "A: NO" if you wouldn't let him help you if it meant to leave the others behind.
And please, no side-stepping around the question this time. No answers like "Yes, but I'd secretly help the other ones escape too".

Now, imagine the same situation, only this time everyone in the group is of the same race as you and the racist person.
It's the same deal: If you accept him as leader, you survive and leave the jungle. If you don't, you'll probably die. This time there's no one that he'd want to be left behind, BUT you know for a fact that if there were any, he'd insist to leave them behind.
Pick "B: YES" if you'd accept his leadership and "B: NO" if you wouldn't.

Only pick one of the first two answers and one of the latter two please.

Another Hypothetical ethical dilemma 25 votes

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