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In the past 6 months has your drug habit increased or decreased?

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Madmonk's "My mate is at it again!" thread really brought about some good discussions, and thus I propose the question of how you are doing today compared to 6 months prior.

Personally, I've made what I consider quite a bit of progress toward quitting. I've completely quit coke/speed, gotten sick too many times off of opium to ever enjoy it again, had some bad reactions to sativa strains of marijuana (which is what 90% of people deal where I live), and had some persepective-changing shroom trips that have convinced me never to consume nor deal any psychadelic drug ever again, simply because I have no right to influence someone's perspective on life that radically. Ah yes, and I now have this strange occasional phobia of sharp objects thanks to a bad trip. Yikes.

But all in all, I consider it progress made, as I have basically quit everything with the exception of absinthe and occasionally regular alcohol (although my typical alcohol use has decreased dramatically as well). Strangely enough, after I began drinking absinthe on a fairly regular basis I not only lost most feelings for other drugs, but have since found an odd sense of being satisfied with more conservative amounts.

While I did make up for the lack of other drugs by having a bit more absinthe than usual, it has really simplified things narrowing everything down to one substance. And now that I've become accustomed to it, I no longer even feel the need to consume some every day. When the last bottle is reaching its end I don't say to myself "it takes 3 weeks for a new order to arrive so I had better make one right this minute!". That alone should speak for itself about how far I've come.

My support group has given me much encouragement as well, without making me feel like Lucifer when I fuck up every now and again. I'll continue to attend even when I'm clean, just because it's nice to have positive encouragement.

...well, that's me, lol. Sounds a bit different that the old me, huh, lol. Killbiz will tell you how bad I used to be. And Bong, it's good to see you again; still a wealth of knowledge I see. Keep it up.

Alright then, what about the rest of you?

In the past 6 months has your drug habit increased or decreased? 47 votes

Meh, about the same as 6 months ago.
12% 6 votes
I've cut down a bit.
6% 3 votes
I've cut down more than a bit.
19% 9 votes
Gone cold-turkey and haven't looked back, mofo!
4% 2 votes
Worse than 6 months ago.
17% 8 votes
"Worse"? You mean better! Party it up, ha ha!
23% 11 votes
Never touched the stuff, man.
17% 8 votes
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