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Would You Ever Adopt?

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Something I have always wanted to do when I get older, hopefully married with a great home and job to support us, etc.

I mean, I would like to have my own kids as well. But adoption is something I would love to do as well hoping I find someone to spend the rest of my life with, who would be up for it just as much as I would.

I just put it down to how lucky I have been in my life. To have a family who cares for me and have supported me in so many ways trough growing up. Not everyone is as fortunate in life to even get that. Which is why I'd love to adopt a child who could not be supported like I was by their birth parents.

Anyone else would ever consider this? If not, why do you think you couldn't?

Would You Ever Adopt? 57 votes

75% 43 votes
24% 14 votes
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