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Blokes in skirts! (sorry... kilts). Yay, or nay?

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So girls (though there's no reason why this should exclude you blokes), what do you think of men in skirts. ...I mean kilts. Well, s'pose it could include skirts too. :D

Does the thought of a bloke in tartan, with a big hairy sporron, get your juices flowing? Are you just gagging to see what's underneath, and do you love the hairy legs?

Blokes, does wearing a skirt (sorry again, I mean kilt), get you loads of attention?

This is all sparked off my an IRC chat with lipsy last night. She doesn't get the kilt thing - much prefers firemen apparently - but that's an entirely different poll & thread. :)

Mr_Wobble ;)

Blokes in skirts! (sorry... kilts). Yay, or nay? 24 votes

Girls: Yay! Well sexy, can't keep my hands off their hairy sporron, and it gets me all juicy!
41% 10 votes
Girls: Nooo way! Ewwww, I mean, it's like just soooo wrong!
29% 7 votes
Blokes: Wahey! Kilts are great! Get loads of attention. I'd wear one at every opportunity!
25% 6 votes
Blokes: Noooo way! I mean, kilts are like skirts. It's all a bit girly and gay!
4% 1 vote
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