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Visions of Utopia

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Who's utopian vision would you rather live in?

Orwell's view, portrayed in 1984, in which people are conditioned as they live to speak and behave as Big Brother wishes?

Huxley's view, in which people are conditioned in their sleep and as embryos to love and be suited for the work and world they are destined for?

Or Atwood's view, in which the people are expected to accept the new order, even though those outside it are unexposed to the rigors of their society?

And why?

BTW, if anyone can come up with a better explanation of The Handmaid's Tale than that, please do, it sucks....

Visions of Utopia 8 votes

Orwell's '1984'
0% 0 votes
Huxley's 'Brave New World'
100% 8 votes
Atwood's 'Handmaid's Tale'
0% 0 votes
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