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Should E.c.t Be Banned In Uk??

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
Do you think that e.c.t (eletric shock treatment)should be banned in the uk?
My personal view is that it shouldnt but thats because i had it and it worked for me but the sad thing is it doesnt for everyone.I was in a right mess at the time they tried every drug there was and it was a sort of last resort which i think is the case in most of people who have it. When i was there you`d see people go down to have it and they`d come back differant people this did wear off soon after but after a few treatments most of the people i saw did benifit from it.
But when it comes to them giving it with out your consent thats a diffarent arguement but i signed for it but wouldnt like to think they could make me have it but thats sadly the case sometimes. What do you think has anyone else had it did it work?? thanks wappyx

Should E.c.t Be Banned In Uk?? 10 votes

Yes i think so
40% 4 votes
No its a good thing if it helps
30% 3 votes
dont realy know enough about it to say.
10% 1 vote
who cares ?
20% 2 votes
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