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Who was your worst teacher, and why?

MirabelleMirabelle Owl WhispererKensington.Posts: 1,020 Fanatical Poster
It's said, 'You will always remember a good teacher' - but you will always remember your worst one!

Angered at my loud yawning, my English Literature teacher threw a piece of chalk at me which I could have choked on. He couldn't teach English Literature interestingly, and I'd lost my concentration sitting in his interminably boring lessons. Having spat out the chalk, I walked out of his class and never returned. I didn't even do detention. Instead, I taught myself and achieved an A*, the highest grade. I never returned to the school. Instead I school at home and loving it.

So who was your worst teacher and why?
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- Howard Gardner


  • TheAprilFoolTheAprilFool Posts: 162 The Mix convert
    I had a teacher in primary school who told me off because she checked on me twice and I was on the same question each time, even though I told her the first time that I was stuck on the question.
  • OggyOggy Posts: 1 Noob
    I had a similar problem as a student! I started a course late and my English Language teacher sorted out some papers for me & put me through the exam but I missed out on some material...because she thought I couldn't be bothered I said I'd flunked it. Six of one or half a dozen of the other :3
  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 2,933 Mega Poster
    My worst teacher was a teacher who EVERYTIME they saw me would make me go to the office and remove all my make up. I wasnt allowed to leave the office until i did. I had many agreument with this teacher and miss many lessons for it. I am a self concious person without my make up. Having make up on isnt gunna be affecting my acadmics but no make up will definely not make me concentraion when im feeling insecure. Like literally i wouldnt even wear a lot -  wearing only a bit of masrca was absolutly forbidden. Like why.  I still dont know. He wasted some many peoples times - sending so many girls to the office. He Was a right weirdo but scared the shit out of me
     Then he would give me detentions for never having a correct uniform of a skirt that was long as knee length
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