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How many times do females orgasm?

Last night my boyfriend and I had sex. I came twice, so did he. Then I thought we were done until about five min later he was on top of my engaging in foreplay leading to more sex where we both came again. Anyways I feel like I’m so sensitive through penetration for a woman. Like the second session was like a long intense orgasm the entire time because I was so sensitive from the previous session. I feel like when I talk about this with my close friends they think I’m talking bull. Although I’m not. This past year I’ve climaxed so easy through penetration. One friend said she had never orgasmed from penetration, I couldn’t imagine, on top of that it was suck. Is it the man the woman or what? I’ve only had my current boyfriend get me off like I do with him. He just takes control and pleases me. That might be part of it. Anyways let me here your stories about female orgasms.


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    GlennGlenn Posts: 52 Boards Initiate
    Hi Chaelabean

    It sounds like you’re enjoying the sex you’re having with your boyfriend. There isn’t an amount of orgasms you’re supposed to have or sensitivity you’re supposed to feel. Each of us is unique and our experiences are unique to us. You know what you felt and if that is different to what your friends feel that’s ok. The majority of females orgasm less from penetration and more from direct clitoral stimulation but majority doesn’t mean everybody. If you’ve found what feels good for you and someone who you feel comfortable enough to enjoy that with then enjoy it.

    People will be different and will enjoy different things, here’s an article about orgasms from bish that I like http://www.bishuk.com/bodies/orgasms/

    Also this one talks about entry sex a bit more http://www.bishuk.com/bodies/why-penis-in-vagina-sex-can-be-meh/

    They might explain how 5hings are for your friends, doiwhat feels good feels good. No sexual act is more important and special than another, just what feels good or special for you.

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    EstherMixEstherMix Posts: 7 Confirmed not a robot
    Hey Chaelabean!

    ​Thank you for encouraging discussion on this topic!

    It's good that both you and your partner have found a method that seems to be pleasing both of you.

    As Glen said, we're all unique and will respond to penetrative sex in different ways. For example, some women will never orgasm during penetrative sex and so prefer foreplay/oral sex. Also, there is no set number of times that a woman should or will orgasm during sex, variation is perfectly normal. This goes some way to explaining why your experiences and those of your friends differ so greatly, but bear in mind that there is nothing wrong with either set of experiences - feeling comfortable is most important.

    Despite the differences between you and your friends, it's great that you feel comfortable enough with them to speak so openly about sex and relationships!

    ​- Esther :)

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