Job date mistake in an application

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I spnt ages on an application, submitted it then realised I made a mistake with date of when I started my current job. I started at the start of the year but said i started in 2015. Reason this happened is because I previously applied to this organisation before I had my current job and it had my job history so I moved the past jobs down but forgot to change the start date of my current job when I entered that in. I've emailed HR and the hiring manager to tell them it's a mistake and asked if I can amend it but is this likely to count against me? Especially if they think I lied to make it look like i have more experience than I actually have.


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    Hey Ybe7,

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened about your job application, but you're not alone small mistakes like these can happen to anyone and that's okay. You mentioned that you emailed HR and the hiring manager to let them know which sounds like a good thing to do. If anything, it shows that you're honest which can be something people look for when hiring someone.

    Best of luck with your job application, I hope you get the job :yippe:

    - Aife
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    I wouldn't worry about this as long as you are open about the mistake.
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    Hey there @Skive I noticed you replying to both this thread and another in Work & Volunteering and it's great to see your trying to help but both threads are about a year old at this point. I'm gonna go ahead and close them both as I don't think their problems are still applicable and just be sure to keep an eye on the original post date in the future! :)

    - Riley
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