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I haven't felt this way before

One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million NoobPosts: 517 Incredible Poster
It sounds weird but when I speak to this guy I can't help but smile and feel giddy. I'm normally terrible at having a conversation but we always have something to talk about all the time. I also have issues when using the phone almost like anxiety. He said it's fine and that it will come in time. We really want to see each other but both agreed that it's a little to soon yet (met him on a dating site 😳)

Even in my last relationship I didn't quite feel right. I was attracted to him but I was never actually relaxed with him. I didn't have these feelings and he was very clingy for example (true example) I texted him saying I was ill with a migraine so was going turn my phone off and try sleep it off. I awoke 2 hours later to 20 missed calls and 15 messages. I rang him and he was upset and said he thought he'd done something wrong. This happened again when I was in an exam. Anyway this isn't about him.

I can't help but want to pick my phone up when he hs text. We can have a joke and I actually feel comfortable with the jokes and things he say. I also feel comfortable making jokes which I never did before. I wouldn't say I had a cheeky side but I feel as if I can be a bit cheeky with him and he is with me.

I don't really know why I wrote this thread πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ just im a very good mood


  • MikeMike πŸ–₯️🎧 LandaanPosts: 3,149 Community Manager
    Awww Million, this is so lovely! Nothing much compares to having someone you really gel with and can relax around. I don't have much to say other than good for you. :yippe:
    All behaviour is a need trying to be met.
  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 11,696 An Original Mixlorian
    Thats lovely:)
  • AifeAife LondonPosts: 2,207 Moderator
    Hey @One-in-a-million this is so sweet, really happy for you! :yippe:
    Maybe somethings don't get better, but we do. We get stronger. We learn to live with our situations as messy and ugly as they are. We fix what we can and we adapt to what we can't. Maybe some of us will never fully be okay, but at least we're here. We're still trying. We're doing the best we can. That's worth celebrating too ❀
  • LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,331 The Mix Regular
    Ahhhh OIAM this is so refreshing and I am so pleased for you lovely xx
  • One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million Noob Posts: 517 Incredible Poster
    Thanks guys it's very early days yet but it's just nice to speak to someone Xx
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