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I'm Jason

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My name is Jason and I live in Australia,

When I was in primary school I hardly every had accident but once I started high school it’s been happening more and more. When I try to go to the toilets at home before school mothing ever happened except for being able to do a pee. Once I get to school and sometimes even before, like at the bus stop I always have to go and if I try to hold it in until after school it really hurts my insides and I can’t concentrate during the day. If I try to do it in the toilets at school nothing comes out even if I sit there for the whole break but if I do it in my underwear after I get to school its ok. Once I found that out I stared doing it every day which made my insides stopped hurting and that made me able to concentrate again and my grades got allot better as well.

It’s the same if I am out places all day on the weekend, like at the go cart track where me and my friends like going. I always wear 3 of my underwear at school and when I am out places so no one knows and I wash them because mom doesn’t like to. Do anyone else have the same thing as me and do you think that’s normal for some people and why do you think I can never do it in the toilets at school or out places.


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    Hi Jason,
    Welcome to the boards!
    It is normal to not be able to go to the toilet in public places often and you're definitely not alone! Sometimes when you're out you feel anxious or nervous and it stops you from going. However if it does cause problems and it hurts when you don't go then it's probably best to visit the doctors and tell them exactly what is happening because they can help you, especially since doing it in your underwear isn't very hygienic and can cause problems like rashes and infections since bacteria multiply very quickly in warmer conditions often which clothes cover, especially underwear. We aren't experts here and unfortunately since you live in Australia, we can't provide many website links to help you since we're UK based, but it would be good to google this. It is often known as toilet anxiety and is very common! Doctors is most likely the best step forwards to help you :)

    Drea :heart:
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    My body is used to it now and its never bother me until last weekend after I had been to the go-cart track. Just as we were going to leave me and my friends got invited to a party and they all wanted to go straight from the go-cart track. I didn't say anything because they would have wondered why I wanted to go home first like another time. When we got to the party there was already lots of people there so it was awesome and no one knew for ages. That was until we were at the marina exploring in the old ship and my they saw my underwear when I was going up the ladder. I didn't even know they found out and they didn't say anything until after when we were back at the fire. I'm angry with them because they didn't tell me they knew and they think I did it on purpose as well.

    I'm thinking that I could just make an excuse to see the doctor that way I don't have to tell anyone the real reason and I can just say when I'm there
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