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If anyone knows of any ways to release anger which excludes going outside then please comment below. Just when i get angry i instantly turn to self harm, i need a more healthier alternative. - Something i can do late in the evenings so has to be an indoor thing.
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    Hey Jess,

    It's really good that you're aware of your feelings of anger and the need to find a healthier way to release this feeling. Are there any alternatives which you have tried so far that have helped?

    Some other things you could try:

    - Breathing exercises or awareness of breathing can help you feel calmer and think more clearly

    - Simple exercises you can do indoors or meditation can reduce feelings of irritation and stress levels

    - Creative exercises such as writing, drawing, colouring or painting can all help to release tension

    Hopefully coming on here and talking about things or even talking to anyone else about how you're feeling can help. I'm sure some other people on here will have more suggestions too :yes:

    Hope you're okay otherwise *hug*
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