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Feeling bad about not feeling happy

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I am not used to writing anything like this but my lack of wanting to talk face to face with people and anxiety about my feelings has bought me to this forum.
I have recently moved back to my home town from London after living and working there for 4 years and all of the build up to moving it seemed better than amazing and the best thing I could ever do. I moved with my boyfriend who I have bee with for around 2 years and I am now close to my family and have an amazing flat and a new job but why do I feel so empty and lonely? I have a history of depression but had overcome this and have not suffered for around 2 years and now over the past month it feels like I am back to square one. I am struggling to eat and sleep and am on my second day off of work which I know is annoying my boss but i know the state of my mind is more important. I should be so happy that I am exactly where I have wanted to be for a long time but i feel an emptiness that I cannot explain to my boyfriend so he thinks that it is his fault when i know he is one of the things like family that keeps me going.
I guess i just wanted to vent and writing this feels like it is helping but also advice on both how i can help myself and how i can explain this to my boyfriend without him feeling like it is his fault would help.
thank you for listening to my ramblings.


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    Morning Lucy

    Really sorry to hear that you're feeling like this, but I'm glad you have found it helpful to write on here. You said you've been better for around 2 years, is there anything you think may have triggered your change in feelings? Did it happen around when you moved home? Change can of course be difficult for anyone, even if it is a positive change.

    It's great that you're acknowledging this though and want to help yourself. There are a few articles that I think might help you - first of all have a read of Why do I feel down for no reason? - this is written by someone with a situation quite similar to yours and I hope the advice in response may well help. In addition, we have two articles to help with how to approach your boyfriend - Telling your boyfriend/girlfriend you have a mental health problem and Depression and your relationship.

    Look after yourself and do keep talking to us, we're happy for you to vent if you need to :)
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