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This is the user guide to Drink & Drugs
but you should also remember the
registration rules you agreed to
when joining these boards.

Welcome to Drink & Drugs

This is a place for people to ask for and receive sensible advice and information on drugs, drug use and the problems of drug abuse. You can talk about anything from alcohol to illegal substances and legal highs.

However, there are a few rules...

1. Please do not use this space to boast about drug use or encourage other people to take drugs.

2. As you well know, illegal substances are, well, illegal. You discuss drugs on these boards at your own risk. The boards are public and anyone can read your messages.

You might want to think about this if you're admitting to using drugs. Although the board is monitored, we cannot be held responsible for your comments.

3. Anyone who tries to use our boards for dealing drugs, finding a dealer, or for anything connected to the smuggling or manufacture of illegal substances will be warned and potentially banned. We cannot allow people to use our boards for arranging these activities.

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