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How do you cope with confrontation?

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Hey there,

I just wanted to share a summary of the last workshop we did around conflict - hopefully it gives you an insight into the kind of thing we get up to in online workshops in the chat room :yes:

It would also be good to hear any more tips anyone has for coping when they feel an argument or a confrontation bubbling up?

Ones we had in the chat were:
  • Take some time out
  • Go for a walk
  • Tell the other person you feel overwhelmed and need a break but that you'll talk to them later on
  • Breathing exercises
  • Making sure you de-stress during the week so you're not so irritable
Any others? :chin:

And what's that as well? FREE Training? Yes Please!
Yup, if you'd like access to TheSite's free online course on Conflict Resolution then just email [email protected] and we'll get you set up with an account on our learning site. It's a great piece of training to have on your CV and it can be really helpful if you're supporting others or struggle with this area yourself. Enjoy!

- Jo
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    A friends response was to always take some time out. There were times when there was the option of just changing subject completely, depending on what exactly the issue was. But sometimes, he would just tell me he's had enough and maybe we'll talk later.
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    For me with confrontation I am extremely verbal (well I'm an extremely verbal person anyway :hyper:) but I feel that both parties should get their views across in order to move past the problem. However from a young age I have been raised to never go to bed on an argument and therefore I think you should try and talk through the problem when it arises. Although some problems may take some days to just relax and rewind to see how the problem arose in the first place and what you could of done differently, this may be the case especially if one of the people involved got their feelings really hurt and therefore doesn't want to talk to that person immediately.
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    Thanks @Melian and @TheHebb

    Sounds like that bit of time to reflect on things is often needed before things can be resolved and also that different people need different amounts of time or will cope with things differently.

    I think sometimes it can be easy to expect the other person to manage something the same way we would do. Being able to be open to what different people need can be really helpful :)

    Do check out the free training if you're interested too ^^
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    I know I used to argue with my mum a lot (who doesn't when they're a teenager?) and I would always walk upstairs when I felt things getting heated. This kind of carried over in to friendships and relationships, where I was told it could actually sometimes be a negative thing to be so passive; issues were never resolved because I would never willingly have an argument or heated debate when there, for lack of a better term, needed to be one and feelings needed to be aired. (Would be interesting to know if anyone can relate to this!)

    I wonder if there's something about being too passive and relaxed, sometimes? Like knowing how to handle conflict is definitely a positive thing, and avoiding those slightly more aimless anger-filled fights. However, in some ways there needs to be that ability to get thoughts and feelings out and confront issues that have to be dealt with?
    All behaviour is a need trying to be met.
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