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I hate periods, how can I make it a good experience , if that's even possible. Only kidding. But what can I do to feel better?, feel very tired and in pain and have to do work but haven't got any energy


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    Heatpads and hotwater bottles and a lot of relaxing, if possible! - Apparently having sex too, can ease period pain. Bubble baths are also a good one, like different people have differnt coping mechnisms!
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    Hey Zell :wave:

    Sometimes people find that a hot water bottle can be soothing or a nice warm bath. Exercise will usually give you a boost of endorphins and can help you to feel better :yes:

    Sometimes it's just a case of taking some painkillers if you really need to!

    What have you tried before? :chin:
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    Baths ... make me feel dizzy. Last time I fainted when I got out of a warm bath. The bath was supposed to be my Christmas treat. I had a warm shower it helped but it's temporary. I tried a hot water bottle but when I have to go out. I get really bad cramps and I get really low energy. Like I need to faint and my work I do is very active. Have to be on my feet and its tiring.
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    It might be worth seeing your GP if you're experiencing dizziness and fainting - low blood sugar or dehydration could be something to do with it so making sure you're eating well and drinking lots of water might help.

    In our article on periods it says taking a mild painkiller or trying gentle stretching exercises can help too, here's the link: http://www.thesite.org/your-body/womens-health/periods-the-facts-7351.html

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