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Very Confused

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
hey folks! im back with a different problem.

I've kinda forgot about that particular girl that most of you know about, I've decided even though that past few weeks we have got a lot closer and spent more time with each other, I'm just gunna get it off my chest and tell her.

Anyway, there has been another girl that I've kept in touch with since we started college( she got ill so had to drop out). I knew this girl in primary school but we went to different high schools.

She has been seeing this lad who was in her school who also lives in Essex and she lives near me in Manchester. I didn't think it would last very long with it being a long distance relationship and because I had heard quite a lot of bad points about this guy from my pals at college who went to his school. I said the name to them and they responded with something like "Twat", "Schitzo".

I wasn't too bothered because i didnt know him and vice versa. I was just a little concered about this girl hoping she wouldnt get hurt.

Last week she told me she had split up with him ( told me thru a text) I just said i was sorry to hear it and thought nothing of it. Last friday however she rang me telling me that this lad thinks that she left him because of me and the only evidence he's got is that my number is in her phone. By hearing that I summed up that this guy really was a paranoid nutcase. She told me that he was going to get a mate of his to beat me up. I told her that if he does find me then I will give him credit because he doesn't know what I look like, my last name, where I live, the people I talk to. She was saying over and over again she was sorry and I was saying calm down because nothing is going to happen.

this wednesday just gone I asked her if she wanted to come to mine for the day, just something to do because we didnt see much of each other. We had a good chat and a good laugh and I felt a bit of a spark. I asked her today again in a txt if she wanted to go out next week and she said yes.

I'm kinda hoping that it may develop into something but I really don't know. I know it would be a bit ironic that this guy was spitting his dummy out because of something that at that time wasnt true but later on could be.

She's told me about him that he's 6ft 5 and built like a brick. My pals have said that he shouldnt try anything because I could kill him, but I really don't know wot to think.

Giv me advice, people!!


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    get the A team in!!

    naah, don't back down from her if you like her cus of some dude threating a mate on you.

    your from manc, surely you can handle yourself?

    there was one dude who if i saw him in the street wouldn't be regonised by his own mother but the anger dies down and soon one day the most i'll do is make him do is ruin his trousers...

    don't worry, go for the girl!
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