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hi all

how has ur xmas been? well il tel u now mine has been shit! it just seams like things cant get worse. it just feels like this xmas iv been alone ok iv had mates there but not close mates i dont really have any close mates any more. all i get from everyone is just shit at home i get it off my mam and dad and wen i go 2 work of my work mates they started 2 call me butch dingle at first it woz a laf and i saw the funny side but now it pisses me off and wen i say sumat they just laf in my face even my boss i just cant w8 2 get out of there.

i just feel so lonely at times i lock myself in my room for days on end iv stoped eatin and i drink 2 much (iv just admited that 2 myself) all i want is a new life or my old one back iv just lost the will about every thing. i go out on a sat nite on my own and tell everyone that i went out wiv "mates" which is true me im my only mate.

the other sat nite i came home from round town and just sat on my bed and filled my mouth wiv pills and the only thing that stopped me woz my mam cumin in2 my rood 2 c if i woz ok. daft and sick int it

and were i am now is all my fault im the one who drove my gf away im the one who stoped hangin out wiv my mates and im the one who has got 2 try and put it all back 2gever again. i said 2 some one the other day how i woz feelin (kind of) and do u know wot the said 2 me " why dont u get a goldfish or sumat iv got my gf and son all u need is a reson 2 live" i goldfish a F%&*ing goldfish is that wot its come 2?


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    I think what you need is a fresh start. You are obviously unhappy with your job, why don't you quit? Find a new one, or even go to college?
    You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and try and change your situation, try and get back in with your mates, ring them up and tell em that your sorry, and do they fancy goin to the pub or something. Just make sure you steer clear from whichever pub your ex goes to, seeing her again is only likely to make it harder for you. Seeing my ex gf didn't help me.

    At least your probably doing something new year, wanna know what im doing? sittin at home, and goin to sleep. All because of having to work in the morning.

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