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Primary Education

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was just wondering if anyone is studying this? im hopefully goin to be studying it this september, and im kinda nervous.

if anyone does, could you please tell me about the course, what kind of things you do and learn, etc. plus, is it worthwile?

im 99% sure this is what i wanna do, but id just like some insider info, thanks
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    A couple of my friends do it and they really enjoy it.

    You learn all sorts of things - science, maths, english, history, geography etc etc. You don't just have to learn when you will need to teach the children, you have to learn all of these subjects in depth.

    You will do placements and they will be tough.
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    Im doing Ba Primary Education.

    Its a great course. On the course you do all the national curriculum subjects (maths, science, english, P.E, art, geography, history, Design and technology, R.E, music, ICT and in my case Welsh which is compulsory to teach in schools in wales). As well as the National curriculum subjects theres another module called EPS (educational and proffessional studies) which covers lots of social aspects of teaching e.g. how to deal with bullying, racism and building self esteem and lots of other stuff. On the course you have to do tests called audits in Maths, English and Science, these are to show if you know everything you need to know in order to teach (they are basically like doing a GCSE paper in these subjects)

    The exams are not like tests in that subject, they involve questions about how to teach the subject, why the subject is taught, different methods of teaching it, how you can make the subject fun etc.

    As well as the exams we have to do a lot of assignments.

    Ive chosen to do the 4 year course (you can do 3). On the 4 year Im going to America in my third year to teach for 6 weeks, which should be a good experience. Also the 4 year course offers extra modules in SEN (special educational needs) and role of the co-ordinator.

    Ive only just finished my first year and Ive learned so much, its lots of fun but the teaching practise absolutely kills you. :eek:
    I was seriously considering quiting over it! You have to plan so many lessons and evaluate them the all which is really hard when you are getting home from school at 6pm absolutely exhaused after dealing with 30 kids all day. They really do throw you into it!! You have a mentor watching you teaching two of the lessons and the head teacher watches you on another two and evaluate you by writting up a big report, which is quite frightening :eek:

    Where are you considering going to study? Have you had any teaching experience?

    Anything else you need to know just ask :)
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    littlemissylittlemissy Posts: 9,972 Supreme Poster
    where are you hoping to do it?? in scotland or england cos the curriculums are different. if you are doing it in england then welshbabes reply is the one to read but if you are doing it in scotland then its different

    i do it in edinburgh and i really enjoy it. the course and the tutors are all brilliant. its a 4 year course and we study the 5 areas of the curriculum: english language, maths, expressive arts, RME and environmental studies (basically everything else) we also do a theory part called education which sometimes seems quite irrelevant but actually worthwhile to study. we have a practicum each year and placement each year which, yeah ... as bumbleebee says, it is hard going and tough but after your first placement you will know if you have chosen the right course and career path. placement is what makes the course for me. also, all the staff are wonderful at moray house, they are the most approachable people you could ever ask for and all were teachers themselves so they know exactly what they were talking about.

    if it is scotland that you are thinking of coming to then PM me if you have anymore questions. it is a fabulous course.

    good luck :)
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    thanks you guys for your replies, they were really helpful :)

    im going to be studying in scotland, at paisley, and ive had a little experience of being in a classroom, through work experience, and classroom assisting. still really nervous though!!

    thanks again :)
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