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Whats your take?

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I hope I'm not driving everone on here up the wall but I am just so totally muddled. In a nutshell I've been dumped and have been getting confusing messages from the ex.

Tonight we were on the phone for about an hour and she said "One day we might beable to get back together if I can learn to trust you and forgive you for the bad things you have done and you can forgive me for the bad things I have done". Then later on in the phone call she says "We have to face facts thats someday we will find other people because I don't wanna stay single forever"

Also she said that she has been looking at other people since we split and had a thing about a girl at work called Sally for a while. I asked her what sally looked like and she refused to tell me saying "If you really wanted to be with me you wouldn't even ask if I've been looking at other people because it would hurt too much".

In the same fone call she said that she is still really attracted to me and still really fancies me but just isn't interested in being in a relationship with me right now.

Also she started cying at one point and she said that its hurting her as much to dump me if not more than it is hurting me to be dumped which I personally find a bit confusing. She says she had no choice because I have lied to her, hurt her and brojen her trust.

I'm not sure what to make of all this.
Sorry guys n gals


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    Whatevers gone on in this relationship before, she still obviously feels bitter and hurt about something or other thats gone on.

    I think you both need space and time, she sounded so confused and messed up. You both need to collect your thoughts and re-group.
    Maybe give it a few days and talk to her again.

    Sorry, its probably not what ya wanted to hear right now. But give each other space and it'll seem a lot better in a few days.

    (((((( brian hug )))))


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    Sounds like she's confused, but don't let her mess with your head. Take some time out to sort your head out, get over her and move on.
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