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Medical - Credit check

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Got a question. I work for a bank, however, I am bored and want a new job. My qulaifications are average standard grades and that's it - so as far as my scope go's to get a new job, it's basically going to be another financial job. More than likely life assurance as opposed to banking. Problem is - I've heard some finance companies credit check you? Has anyone heard of this? (I've got masses of debt - however I always pay it back ontime each month)
Also - my doctor's report ain't gonna look to good either. I used to suffer from anxiety attacks - that shouldn't really be a problem - however - I did admit to my doctor that I had taken e's in my late teens (I am now 23) - there is no danger a company will take me on if they think I am an e head (which I am not). I take it if I report in my app that I currently suffer no ill health they will no ask for a report from my GP? Does anyone know?


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    Your GP can't tell them anything without your permission. I work for a GP and people ask for health references all the time and we simply write back telling them that without the patient writing or coming in to see us to give permission we can't tell them anything.

    As for your credit history. If you are in debt but pay on time all the time you will have excellent credit history. Credit history does not tell someone who you owe and how much, but how well you make payments etc.
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