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Sleep Patterns

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Is there a scientific explaination to how sleep patterns work?

I was up until 1:30am helping a friend with a presenation - he then left and I couldn't sleep until about 5am - I fell asleep watching TV and the sound of the TV woke me up about 7:30am so only maybe 2 hours sleep. I wanted to go back to sleep but he called and had to help him again.

Been up all lday and around 5pm had a hard time staying awake, I was fighting to keep my eyes opwn but was starving so had an early dinner at 6:30pm - I think after the food I perked up a lot and now not sleepy.

I don't understand where my 2nd wind came from usless it's from the dinner and 1 can of coke I had?

I have an arwful sleep pattern - does food play a big role in perking you up or not making you sleepy? I tend to eat very late at night and wondering if that's what is keeping me up.


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    I have a really strange sleep pattern. Some days I sleep through everything, other days I get very bad insomia and wake up several times during the night, and it takes ages for me to get back to sleep. When I was on (unneeded) migraine pills, I once slept for 14 hours solid the day AFTER I took them. The other night I woke up at quarter past 5 in the morning and just could NOT get back to sleep, so I was awake for an hour and a quarter until my alarm went off (it's a radio one) then another hour before my mum came to wake me up. I don't really know what causes it, but I don't think it's food. Certain kinds of food may keep you up, e.g chocolate, and I know that milk isn't good for insomia sufferers just before they go to bed, although hot milk is good for non-insomniacs (or so I've heard). I don't think just a regular meal could affect it though, have you been to a doctor or something? Maybe they could prescribe you some sleeping pills to help you get to sleep quicker??
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    Diet plans (to lose weight) often say you shouldn't eat carbs after 6pm - I think carbs are harder to digest so dieters are advised not to eat them late in the day because they dont have the opportunity to burn them off and they turn to fat overnight (long period of inactivity). If I'm right (not guarentees!), and carbs are harder to digest, your digestive system is still working hard while you're trying to relax and fall asleep, so that *might* be what's keeping you awake.

    It might be worth looking in the Fitness forum for more info - I think there are a couple of regulars in there who are into all the body-building and protein drinks malarky (no offence! my ex used to be into it and it drove me mad!) who might know more about carbs and digestion :)
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    Diamond Geezer, I sympathise with you! My a levels have spectacularly messed up my sleeping patterns, and I can't get back to normal now. I get dead tired at tea time, but then can't sleep until about 2 a.m, even thought I know I must be tired! I think your body just reaches a point where it's so tired it actually can't sleep! If your problem's lasted ages you should see your g.p, they'll be able to help more than us mere mortals! ;)
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