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Sniffle, Sniffle, Sniffle

"everyone here can have their own opinion but it isnt fair when it hurts/upsets/concerns other people"

Didn't your Mamma ever teach you life isn't far? Grow up, if you can't take someone offending you, you'll just be a looser your whole life and never do anything. Your always going to get offended.

"If you cant post more sensitively and thoughtfully then i agree with man of kent"

So what you are saying is you want me to chop off by balls and start taking it up the ass. I'll even give the guy a reacharound for thoughfullness sake!

"the people on the other end of the computers are human and have feelings to so have same compassion and just do what your told, it prevents alot of hassle"

And yet again you prove the mindset of a sheep. Do as you are told to so that everything will go smoothly. Be PC so other people don't have to grow up and face reality.

You all are really pathetic. And you have no one to blame but Dom. Both my father and I have tried several times over the last few weeks since the first one of us got ban, to chat about what we could work out to guard your simple minds but still care on conversations with those who actually enjoy a real point of view. Unstead of fallowing the other sheeple
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    sniffle sniffle yourself - if you can't hack being banned then either sort your posts out or go away.. is that so hard to understand?? - there are rules to posting on this site, if you can't adhere to them then you can't post.. sounds pretty simple to me

    so, to recap - no offense caused in your posts - everything OK, offensive postings - you will be banned.

    Do I need to repeat it again?

    Offensive - BAD
    Intelligent - GOOD

    Now does baby want to throw his dummy out the pram again?
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    how about for the fact that all the lefties can be as vulgar as they wish, but for a right wing person you have to walk on tip toes to avoid being ban.

    Your moderators force thought inbreeding by taking out any new or opposing thought to the point that your "logic" becomes deformed and retarded.

    so to recap the reality of this site
    Lefty - good
    Righty - bad (unless you don't crash anyones messed up ideas on the real world)
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    yep - that's about correct - so why don't you piss off?
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    I'm closing this thread because it's just too silly.

    *goes off for a nice cuppa*
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