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Little sis...

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I dont know if this is the right place 2put this but sex sort of figures in it.

My sis is 13 and is going quite a bit off the rails and im really worried abt her. Parents have tried everything (well mum has) and she just lies all the time.
So far she's: (in the past yr ish)

Had sex with her boyf
Thought she was pregnant
Run away (fortunately we caught up with her)
Got so drunk she ended up in hosp
the new thing is stealing..

I hope nothing else happens!

I was just wondering if u guys went thru it or know any1 who has? i just hope she stops..

Anyway.. id appreciate ure suggestions



  • Girl-From-MarsGirl-From-Mars Posts: 2,822 Boards Guru
    that sounds a bit like my ex bf's sister. i definitely didnt get on with her though, she sounds a lot worse actually, doing drugs, wrecking the house, being rude to everyone, hanging round with drug dealers, etc etc. her mum tried everything too and got to the point where she pretty much gave up i think.

    if i could give you any better advice treetops then i would <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt; id prob have put the topic in relationships tho, but it doesnt really matter. i hope something can be sorted out with your sis soon <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt; hopefully shell realise what shes being like and grow out of it. *fingers crossed*.. someone else'll prob put some better advice though!!

    Burn baby burn!
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    the only thing u can do i guess is to lock her inside the house. even that dont work most times thou but its a way to stop her getting into trouble and mixing with the wrong people. probably wont work but it worth a try
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    cool, i was hopin my uni study may cum in useful @ sum point!(hope it does) i wrote a 1500 wd essay 2 day on adolescents!
    well, girls who enter puberty young tend to not cope v.well, and tend 2 rebel alot more, they also think they r sexually aware/ready & wot eva, when in fact they arnt, they also have low self-esteem, and so may b doin these things 2 get in with the crowd and try & increase it.
    i dunno how ur mums reactin but its better if she kinda encourages it, and then ur sis may get bored of not creatin a reaction.
    shes trying 2 discover he 'self', and so experimenting in different things, but i think her experimenting is goin a ickkle 2 far!
    u cud also base it on peer group pressure, wot type of peeps does she hang around with, could they b provoking her to do the stuff?
    i hope that helped, if u wanna know more just ask, i have all the books at the mo!
    try & keep smiling, good luck 2 u & ur mum,
    love Helen xxx
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    I definatly dont think that locking her up in the house is the right thing to do here. All that will do is push her further away from u and she will want to do it all the more. It sound to me like this girl understanding more than anything and maybe someone should talk to her, although u may have tried this already.
    She clearly has a few issues that need sorting out or she is rebeling against something. All u really can do, in my oppinion, is give her advice and understanding. But dont lock her in the house, trust me, it will make matters worse!
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    My friends sister went totally mad for a while, well it was about two years, but she's fine now. Just about.

    She was doing all the stuff you've mentioned and more, and then she just calmed down and stopped.

    I am not Jesus, though I have the same initals.
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I'd say theres a time in everyones life where people rebel and basically make life difficult for everyone around them, I'm not really sure on the best solution but what I might think about suggesting is that you use a bit of reverse physcology...

    Putting it in terms to try and discribe someone by there actions I'd say that the act of 'rebelling' is down to probably three area's:

    1) Shock People
    2) Look Cool in front of mates
    3) Hormonal Imbalance (this is normal for that age group)

    Possibly a way of dealing with it might be to do the reverse of whats expected. For example... If a persons trying to get a reaction, don't give it them or don't do whats expected.

    I can only look at this from an outsider point of view and I'm sure its not as easy as writing it down here.

    Hope you can sort it out <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;
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