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Harrow Clubs and Surrounding Areas

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I'm from Harrow and there's only two nightclub that I know of in the area.

I've only been to one - Time and it was tinny tiny inside - more like someone's living room then a club.

So if I want to go clubbing I usually go to Watford on a Friday or Saturday to Destiny's - However I started to realise

a) the music is so damn loud my ears were ringing for days after
b) the music never changes
c) the girls that go to destiny's don't put out much!! LOL!!

Anyway thought I'd try a few other places so went to Area Club also in Watford on Friday and was very dissapointed - not much of a criwd until half past midnight. And secondly the damn DJ's wouldn't stop messing about with the music, always scratching and singing over the music and chaging the records every 2 minutes .. really annoying when you've just got dancing to the beat of one song and it changes to a slow song and then fast again ..

Anyway decided on Hemel Hampstead for the first time and went to Ethos and Visage - which is one club split in 2 section over 18's and over 25's - got into both section and damn was the ovver 25's section scarey ... full of 40 year old women on the pull!!!

Never been so scared to get on the dance in my life .. did eventually and this one 40+ year old started taking liberties ...

Have to say I really liked the music in this club .. DJ's were excellent I thought - they played good music and didn't mess about with the records .. only thing club was very small - much smaller then destinys in watford...

Oh also tried Royals in Uxbridge for the first time recently on a saturday ... music exactly the same as Destiny's, dance floor very small. Also found the area a bit on the rough and ran into some nasty sorts, so not too keen to go back.

... so my question is where to next??

Any recommendations for clubs in the same sort of areas?

The furthest I've ever travelled for a night in a club is up to Oceana in Milton Keynes, not too bad, 1 hour each way at the most. But apart from the fact Oceana is designed like my dream house it's not anything special.

Anyone have advise on Luton clubs perhaps?? or anything up or down the M1? I live near Junction 5 on the M1 so anything near the M1 is handy and also drive to clubs since I hardly drink.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    You could go into london, there's a club there for virtualy every taste, however it might be a bitch on the travel.

    What sort of club were you wanting?
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I like r & B and dance music to groove to, although I hate central London clubs.

    they treat people on the door like cattle and heard them at the front and make then stand in line when there's plenty of room inside just to make themselves look popular.

    plus to be honest every London club I've been to the people seem to a little unfriendly. For instance I saw this thing on sky and these black guys all go up to Newcastle I think for their weekend of clubbing because they say the same thing the london people aren't friendly .. and if you chat to a girl in London they think you're just trying to lay them, whilst in Newcastle everyone was more relaxed and friendly.

    Because the transport in London is rubbish and ends at midnight I'd prefer somewhere I can drive to .. I don't have more then a single drink in a night so it isn't a problem.

    I also don't know inner central London very well - the furest in I've driven is to Baker Street via the A40, although once drove to the Hammersmith Palais .. still not sure how I didn't mamage to get lost ... actually yes I do I took my laptop and GPS and could see my position on the moving map!!
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    First of all I wouldnt believe anything you hear on Sky, ever.

    A few central london clubs are a bit moody but most arent you just have to know which ones are good and which not. You might be in a bit of a bind though R n' B, or at least whats termed as R n' B now does have a bit of an attitude problem.

    And saying that there isnt transport after 12 is just rubbish, there are LOADS of night buses going virtualy every where in london now a days.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Forget nightbuses just aren't worth the hassle

    1 hour to wait for them in the freezing cold or rain and another 1.5 hours to get home

    Like I said I'd rather drive to the varios places since I don't drink - if you drink to the extent you're too drunk to care then buses are fine alternative to cabs, etc.

    The tube just sucks - will get you into London but won't get you back unless you come home really early or really late - i.e. after 5am.

    Travel time has to be a consideration, if I go to Watford I'll be home within 20 minutes at the most, Hemel 30 minutes and Milton Keynes (which is 45 miles away from me) about 50 minutes.

    Go into Central London which is about 13 miles from me and it will take hours on public transport!! .. Central London clubs just don't hold any attraction for me anymore .. too busy .. to pricey .. to much hassle to get there and back.

    A guy I know came to London for his Birthday from up north and didn't even bother to book himself in anywhere, expecting to get into anyone of a number of clubs .. in the end we got in nowhere and his birthday was ruined. We spent his birthday on the street and only got into Burger King. One place made us qeue up in the cold for 1.5 hours and then when they finally open wouldn't let us in, they said too many guys in our group!!

    We went back recently into London for my friends stag do and I made sure this time we were on the guest list of over 7 different clubs including stringfellows!! If one didn't let us in we had 6 backups - wroked out really well - pricy to get home though in a cab!!
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