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"I've gotta get out of this place...

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...if it's the last thing I ever do?" Such wise words - who was it who sung that? The Beatles? The Clash? Never mind; whoever did, probably "studied" at my particular university (Anglia, in Essex) before the boredom and monotony started to drive them around the bend. That is exactly what I'm going through, and at present, I'm this --><-- far from jacking it all in.
I'm in my second year of a three year course. When it started out, everything was ace. Plenty of new faces, loads to do, interesting work, yada yada yada. Life was cool. However, as the course proceeded, more and more people dropped out. As of now, there are two (including me) people on my course. I kid ye not. And it's as boring, as well, a boring thing can be. It's beyond boring in fact - I'd go as far as saying it was depressing. The work's not too bad, but the whole damn "scene" has been so crap, it's been difficult to get motivated. As a result, I find myself in a never-ending cycle of "can't be arsed"-ness with the work, and it's all downhill from there. The icing on this extremely stale cake is the other person on the course, who *really* gets on my tits. I've tried, I've tried and I've tried. But still, after 5 minutes in his company, I find myself thinking about how best to throw him/myself (depending upon my mood) out of the classroom window. There are more people in the classes we have to attend, however the majority of 'em are slightly older people on day-release type-things, who'd much rather turn up, stick in ther own lil' groups (natural, I 'spose) and then bugger off home. So, there's sod all "participation" within the classroom, and no socialising outside. Starting to see the rather isolated position in which I find myself? So, I'm thinking, what do I do? I've a meeting scheduled with my personal tutor and the head of department, but what's going to come out of this I don't know. Leave? I'd love to, but with my qualifications - or rather my lack of - there's no way I'd get onto the sort of course I'd want to study (Geography) and into the Universities I'd like. Anyway, with the 2003 applications all sorted, I'd be lucky to even get considered. Drop back a year? Always that option, and I'm yet to look into it in depth, but if the same thing happens again, well it's back to square one. Innit. Drop out, work for a year and try again in 2004? Like many I know how did something similar, I'd probably end up getting hooked on the money and not bothering. Plus there's the fact that it's be at least 2007 before I finish, making me 24 (!) before I'm even in a FT job...
If you were in this position, what would *you* do? Thanks for any advice...


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    that blows.

    the only thing i can think of is joining some sort of club thing that unis do. whatever youre interested in. self defence or summat. failing that, what about a work placement? abroad? haha, why not....

    you do have freinds at the uni though, dont you? ones who arnt in your class, or ones you live with.
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    Seeing as you have such little time left, I would stick in. It's better to leave, say, 2008 with TWO degrees than 2007 with just one. That extra qualification could put you a touch above the rest, endure the pain for the greater good.

    I've applied through clearance, I advise you do too. If my application gets declined (which I suspect it will, as I hear the course is in great demand) then I'll have to face two further years at college as there's a technique where you can skip a year and enter year three of a four year uni course. The people I socialise with are leaving (for uni), meaning I'll be with these idiots who basically detest me, but I know at the end of it I'll get a degree quicker so I'll just grit my teeth and look forward to that.
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    Cheers all, some top advice here, and all of it appreciated :) I had the meeting today, and it went as well as I could've hoped. My tutor and the head of dept. at least made me consider my options, rather than just "I quit. Seeya..." which is what I was thinking. We've given ourselves a week to think things through. They're aware of everything (right down to my dislike of my class "mate") and know that I'm quite prepared to walk out and join - or at least attempt to - another institution on a different course. I think I'll end up quitting - I'll have to 'cos it's getting to to the point where it's starting to affect my entire life. What was once a nice, bizzare, comical and slightly-daft SCOOTERMAN, has become a moddy, aggressive (bordering on violent) bugger, and it's costing me big-time (friends, family, the lot...) Once/if I quit, I'm going to try and land a place via the Clearing system on a Geography course, starting 2003. If it doesn't work out? Well, what's the big deal? Might as well do these things whilst I'm young, eh?
    Just to give you a better idea of how crap things are, think about this. I live at home, as being only 25 miles way, and there for two days a week, I thought it wouldn't be worth it. OF course, all my mates from home are at Uni themselves, so there're miles away. People at Uni? Well the only person I really do see, you all know about. Lame, isn't it?
    But hey, these things are sent to try us. Whatever happens, it's gona be better than what they are now :)

    EDIT: Bah, why is it you alway forget stuff right up intil "Submit" aye? I forgot to add, if I were to contine on my current course, I wouldn't progress onto the third year in Sepetember. This years been so crap, I'll be retaking it, so OK there'd be more people, but from what I've heard the drop-out rate is the same, so there's a chance it'll happen all over again...
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