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    Okay, I think I know what you are getting at Kentish. Has MoK made an assumption....?

    Guess it helps if we muddy the waters, rather than address the fact that many people believe they are PC because they account for skin colour, when that very act means that they therefore make judgment based on skin colour. Something which they claim to abhor.

    It helps to detract from the fact that some people's instant reaction to Mr Sampson's comments wasn't to question the scientific value, but to label him racist. Because it is easier to label someone and dismiss them than it is to open a discussion where we may find that the truth is hard to accept.

    Okay, let's see, why did I suggest that Geoffrey Sampson is white?

    Could it be because he is (was?) a member of the Conservative Party? Not conclusive proof either way I know, but it's a useful indicator. The party is well known for it's limited ethnic minority membership.

    Could it be because he has been denounced as racist by the Student Union. I was once a member, I am very much aware of their political ideals, and call me a cynic but the wooly liberal and idealist Union tends not to label blacks as racist...that just wouldn't be PC...

    Ditto The Guardian, a supposed independant paper with a hugely political agenda...

    Or the massive support he is getting from the likes of the BNP, who aren't known to support the views of many non-whites.

    I could have partly based my view on the fact that he was Professor at Cape Town Uni in 1982...again it's not conclusive but I'm not aware of how many black professors there were in South Africa during apartheid, but I'm sure you could count them on one hand...

    Hmmm the clues are starting to add up, don't you think?

    Now each of those clues are relatively circumstantial, and I am happy to admit that. Which is why I based my assertion that Mr Sampson is white on the fact that he is.

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