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European Pacifists

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The only thing that annoys me more than the warmongering Jews in America are the worthless European pacifists. These individuals are a joke just like the yankees say they are and for that reason are totally ignored. They are beyond contempt. They are utterly worthless. They waste all the energy of opposition to Yankee and Jewish imperialism on stupid worthless leftist protests that go nowhere. In fact, these people are if anything complicit in what is going on in Iraq and other countries today. These are the very same weaklings and degenerates who turned countries like Germany and France into nations of sissies history now largely ignores. Like cancer, they spend all their energy weakening their nations or fighting amongst themselves in service of Europe's enemies. They abhor any European patriot who is willing to assert their national responsibilities in the world whom they heap the most sickening invective upon. We have these people to thank for the almost half century the Communist Soviet Union and the Capitalist Yankees divided Europe between themselves. They are the enemy of military strength at every turn. They are willing to sacrifice their national dignity and have yankees occupy the soil of their own nations in return for their fat social welfare pacifier they suck on while they complain endlessly. After they get through bitching at their worthless protests they are always the first to go buy their Coca Cola and watch their Hollywood movies. I am reading Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States. Indeed, this fellow catalogues virtually 250 years of totally irrelevent strikes and protests in America that had no effect whatsoever on history.
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