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obsessive compulsive disorder

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Does anyone know anything about this? Like how severe the "natural" obsessions and stuff needs to get to be considered an "illness"?

I am very often overridden with guilt. Keep wondering if I hurt those around me or disapointed them in some way or the other. And when it happens I become really paranoid and try my hardest to not talk to them or even as much as look in their direction. I've got a real low self esteem which is probably the cause.
But then I always have to check on things multiple times. Someone tells me I can have a ride with them and I really have to fight the urge to ask them over and over again if they really mean it (because I am not certain they really ment it). I also frequently check if I've got my keys, remember things right and stuff like that. Over and over and over again. :rolleyes:
It's quite annoying, especially because I know that usually I'm just being stupid about it but still I always keep doing this. And then there are the frequent thoughts about me either dying or getting real severely injured. Gah, I hate those. :mad:

And in the end I think "crap! they'll just tell me the truth that nothing is wrong, I'll delete this stupid post before it happens." And I then delete about 8 of every 10 posts I make.. :rolleyes: Hopeless case :p


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    Hiya F7,

    Have a look at the factsheets in our health info section, and the mental health special. It could be anything from depression, to anxiety, to shyness/social phobia, to OCD. If it's making your life difficult (sounds like it is!) then it's time to see a doctor. If you like, you could print out this page to show them - that would be a big help to you if you're shy/guilty/embarrassed - it means they'll get all the information.

    The sooner you get some help, the sooner you can start feeling better :)

    Happy Easter too

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    I don't know a huge amount but I can tell you what I know from my own experience as my dad and my sister both have OCD. With my dad, his real hang-up is phones (no pun intended), he'll check that he's put the phone down properly at least 3 times and gets really worked up in hotels if he uses the phone as he's convinced he hasn't put it down properly and he's going to be charged for it. He also does stuff like go back to make sure he's locked the front door over and over again. My sister gets more obsessive about particular ideas, for example she can't stop straightening her hair at the moment! (But then again that could apply to a lot of 14 year olds!) Or she'll find out about a particular thing, like maybe she decides one day she wants to learn ballroom dancing so she starts obsessing about it and won't stop talking about it, researching it etc. Only it'll be a different thing every few weeks. Badly explained, sorry. And when she was younger she used to pack and unpack her schoolbag over and over again every evening as she was so paranoid she'd forgotten something.

    Like Karla said though, I don't think you've necessarily got OCD. I also think I'm a lot like you, I always check I've done things even when I know I have. And I'm also paranoid about death and injury, you're not alone on that one. Please don't call yourself stupid. I totally agree with Karla, you should go and see a doctor if it's really bothering you. You can tell them everything you said here. My sister was only 12 when she saw a doctor and he helped her a lot. You should go to the doctor even just for some reassurance.

    Sorry for the length of this post, I didn't mean to write quite so much! Hope you feel better about things. Happy Easter.

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    Thanks guys! :)

    lisa: It was quite helpful to read. I don't think I've got anything severely wrong with me (;)) but I just get a little frustrated with myself after I've for example counted the coins I'm paying with five times in a row to check if it really is enough or something equally ridiculous.

    I've been wondering about going to see a doctor for a while but I just can't bring myself to do it. I've also been trying to gather the courage to talk to my parents about it.. but it's just scary... :rolleyes:
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