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holy shit

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if you were on irc and had to hear me shit, i'm sorry, but i gotta share again...

dudes. ok, so to start off, i know nothing about my computers. and also, my family has really weird ways of confronting me with things. they dont' confront, but drop hints and weird things.

and i'm just seriously shitting myself right now, just out of nowhere my dad said something about how this kid lost everything he had on the computer, then he said how 99% of things aren't really lost, they are all still there and can be recovered and looked up. in other words, its pretty much my fathers way of telling me that he knows everything that i say on here. here, or lj, or whatever... things i've never told anybody, sarcasm that may be taken as the truth, out right lies... either wya, shit loads of things that could get me in shit loads of trouble.

and right now i am absoutly scared out of my mind. seriously. is it much to worry about? god what the hell do i think or say or do or whatever????


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    get on MSN
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    I posted a load of waffle under the Net forum about how things are still actually on your computer, even after you delete them. So, yes, it is possible he may have some software to read deleted stuff.
    However, if he's sneakily keeping tabs on what you're up to on the computer, then he would most likely use monitoring software. You can get software which will record every single keystroke made on the computer, even the stuff you type before using the backspace key. There is also software that can take screen shots too, and store them. The keystroke and screenshot files can be examined later. Some of this software will even allow remote monitoring by emailing the files it creates to your email address.
    Scary, eh? :eek:

    Mr_Wobble ;)

    Edited to add...
    If he's got software to read deleted files, then you could counter that with software that deletes deleted files for good.
    As for the monitoring software, you'll have to carefully look through the software in the computer to see if it's in there. The sneakier programs don't put links in the Start menus, or even show up in the Task Manager or the Install/Uninstall option in the Control Panel. It can be tricky to find some of them.
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    A lot of stuff does stay behind on computers after it is deleted, but to get it back you need time and speciliased tools. It's not a job for the layman.

    Don't stress about it. He finds out more from looking over your shoulder, I bet.
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