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Ive been really stressed lately, i jus sit and cry sometimes, i know its probably because my hormones are everywhere, but its also because my exams are soon:( i always feel down, if someone looks at me i automticlly think that they think im a slag if someone laughs i think there laughing at me. I just feel so trapped, and i cant escape anywhere! I dont want to take stress tablets because it could harm the baby, but so is being stressed out like this! I cant win! When im with my friends, they mess around and i see myself in them and how i was, and then i look at myself, and realise how much ive grown up, i dont want to grow up, but i have to!and theres just so much pressure on me, with pepole constantly asking me questions! but its not questions about me, its questions about the baby!its as if everyone forgotten about me, why cant anyone see how stressed out i am! I cant tell anyone because theyll be fussing round me tellin me how its bad for the baby!and it will make it worse!

Im sorry for going on about my probably trivial problems to you just i needed to sit down and write it down:(


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    I know it must feel like everyones forgetting about you but im sure they havent. Your having a baby. Thats a very adult thing to do, therefore you will inevitably be treated like an adult.

    Maybe try and do more things with your mates? Have some fun. Forget about everything for a while :)
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    awww, hugs. Thats the worst bit about being a mum - you become invisible for a while, and everyone is only interested in the baby. being pregnant can be a very lonely time sometimes.
    Your doing really well, and dont you forget that. Fuck what other people think - chances are theyre not talking about you at all.
    remember, youre not on your own, youve got loads of support here, I know how hormonal you can be when pregnant - its like having PMT 10 times over. What youre feeling is normal, and you will get through it, youve got a big lifechanging event coming up, and You will grow up, its not something you have to think about, it will just happen.
    hope youre ok
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