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My mate.....

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I don't really see much of my mate any more as he moved away..Anyway he came down the other day and told me that he spent 4 days in hospital because he took to many drugs..Speed & Es after having a smoke and drinking ALOT of Vodka. He drink's about 4 liters or more of Vodka a week and smokes weed alot thru the week. He said he done it because he don't give a shit any more and wants to die. I tried talking some sence into him but he just don't see it. The people where he lives just use him for drugs so he don't have any real friends up there and says that his so loney. He don't get on with his parents at all because they kicked him out for getting in trouble with the police alot so they don't really want anything to do with him. He is very deressed and won't speak to anyone about it. I really do think that if he does not see some 1 soon he will do somthing silly. oh yeah..He also said that one of the reasons he ODed was to get some attention as no 1 gives a shit about him. :confused:


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    OUch ouch ouch. Oh dear.

    Give him hugs from me. I have friends who have drunk excessive amounts of alcohol or who have self-harmed because they feel depressed and they think no one cares, so they've done it for attention.

    Give him the attention, show him you care but don't indulge him - tell him he is an IDIOT and he is worrying people, many people, and isn't doing himself any good and what's worse, he's making other people's lives difficult, like yours.

    Try to persuade him to talk to someone professional, they're far better at this than people on TheSite (no offence people but although we're helpful and friendly, we aren't experts at everything!) and they really know what to do.

    Good luck. Stick by him and help him sort things out, but don't let it drag you down too much - it isn't your life, it's his.
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    this is really hard and i'm not sure how good my advice is because i have never been in a situation like you or your friend.

    I'm sure his parents do care and they are upset to see their son has turned to drugs and whatever else he does. even if he doesnt have a good relationship with his parents, it might help to talk to them, tell them you are worried. I dont know how old he is but people often go off the rails in their teenage years, tell his parents they need to help him through it. they probably just dont know how to handle it and think he might not change. and if he has been kicked out, where is he staying?

    if his 'friends' are only there to use him, well i'm sure there r other ppl he can hang around with. you should support him but try not to get too involved because it will bring you down aswell and emotionally drain you. maybe you could ask your mum etc for advice?

    i hope that helped, i tried to type my thoughts as best as i could...
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