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im a munter

i hate the way i look, bodywise i mean. everyday i feel like im getting fatter. it seems like im constantly on a diet, and it dnt help when ppl say that i look fine and i dnt need to diet i need support and someone to be there foe me when i fall. i keep binge eating and then trying to make my self sick but i cant seem to get the last part right so i just get fatter and fatter. i feel like shit and i look like shit too.

i need help i dnt know what to do.
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    i see posts like this day in, day out all the exact same thing.
    tbh if i were u (or the other 20,000 ppl who post about this everyday for that matter) i would just go with it.
    Some people are ugly some people are fat, just live with it. Im not the best looking male around but im not gonan run around crying about it or if i put on a bit of weight. rant over. :D
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    I don't agree with Daffeh. (sorry!) Yes, if you aren't supermodel thin but are happy with it, then it shouldn't matter what size you are or how you look.

    however, you seem v unhappy - *hugs*. My advice is, start afresh. Don't diet as such, but try to gradually omit various foods from your diet. Like quit chocolate and crisps, or quit snacking in between meals, or just don't have seconds after a really good meal or don't have pudding. Slowly but surely is far better than quickly crash-dieting - everyone knows that with crash diets your weight just yo-yos and you put it all back on again.

    Also, your food isn't all you can change; try more exercise. Even just walking to places instead of driving/using public transport can help, and is a step in the right direction. Maybe join a gym if you can bear it? I did a coupla months ago and I'm not at all a sporty person but I found it great. If not wholly toned and lithe, I'm a lot fitter and healthier and I feel good about myself. Exercise releases serratonin in your body which is the same thing as chocolate and sex - ie. it makes you happy! :)

    Equally important are your friends. Make sure they make you feel special and valued and fun to be with to increase your confidence and the way you feel about yourself.

    Also, retail therapy! :):):) Buy yourself just one reeeally nice item of clothing which you think is flattering and makes you look gorgeous. It works a treat :D

    Cheer up! I'm 100% sure you like fine - more than fine - and are just feeling down at the moment. It'll improve. But until it does, these are just a few tips :)

    PM if you're feeling down.
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    Hi Zella,

    Have you seen our factsheets?
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    ppl should worry bout thier wieght so much. im the complete opposite to u zella. ppl tell me i need to eat MORE but im happy with me and if they aint then they can kiss my ass.

    you should worry bout what ppl think. You look beatiful, and noone can take that from you.

    Dan :thumb:
    P.S. I Love You. :heart:
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    Originally posted by Tink101

    you should worry bout what ppl think.

    thats the problem
    i dnt give a shit what other ppl think about me. its that IM not happy with me. i used to love the way i looked. but then i started putting on weight. i hate the way i look now. no matter what ppl say to me, if they call me crazy for thinking im fat or saying im really thin doesnt help me. what i need is some one who will support me in deiting safely. and help me achive my goal.

    ps. love u too.
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