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Most recent threat matrix conclusion.

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Bush gets a threat matrix daily others are weekly which he shares with allies like Tony Blair. It is comprised of unsubstantiated threats and others known to be true. They are weighed and conclusions are drawn. The latest one came to the conclusion that Saddam will be able to strike the US by mid-March. Some of his weapons could be drones, shipped into the US, there's also several tankers from Iraq aimelessly floating the earth that left when the inspectors came in.

Anyway, together with the rise in sandstorms and temperatures plus the conclusion of the Threat Maxtrix, the US stands to risk lives if we wait.

If the UK wasn't supporting the US would the UK be more safe? Maybe. But economically people from the UK have the most direct foreign investments in the US so their investments wouldn't be safe and the America comprises the largest group of tourists to the UK and America has the most direct foreign investments in the UK...so we're part of your economic grow. That you would be risking if we're hit again.


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    That is true. The UK does receive more than the lions share of Foreign Direct Investment flows from the USA, as does the Republic of Ireland.

    The UK also recieves high levels of FDI from countries such as Germany as well. Particularly in the traded services sector.

    The thing is, as American companies look for new markets, they move their FDI flows to these new markets, more consumers, cheaper labour pool, cost-effective locations.

    The outlook for FDI flows into the UK, from the US in particular, do not look as rosy in the next couple of years as they have done up until now. The reason for this is that the UK has been recieving more FDI than a country of its size should.

    All the trends lean towards a reduction in UK bound FDI and an increase in FDI to areas such as Eastern Europe, Indian Sub-continent and China in particular.

    The reason for Britains success until now has been down to clever and targeted marketing campaigns by Invest UK and the 12 regional economic development agencies that make up Invest UK.

    Its not because of any sense of loyalty from US to the UK. And this can be seen by the shift to areas where there is more chance of achieving economies of scale
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    About why they must go soon. (I'm more concerned about the safety of our troops than French oil deals.)

    I think we know we have to go by around March 14th," said Goure, who served at the Pentagon under Bush's father in the Gulf War.

    "That gives us the rest of March and April and if we need it, May. It doesn't really get to be so hot that it's hard going until June. There aren't a lot of dust storms yet. But we can't wait much longer. That's why we're pushing now."
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