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Extensions ***RANT***

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For all my college assignments, i've worked my butt off to get it all done on time. They've all been done by the deadline. These assignments were presented okay but weren't perfect. I probably could have done more...I don't know maybe I'm being paranoid....

Anyway. About three quarters of my group, which is the highest tier group for my subject, so we should all be brainy and hardworking, have not handed theirs' in on time and got extensions off our lecturers!!! About half of these people had good reasons, like operations, and they told the teachers well in advance, but the majority just told them on the day. Yesterday I handed in my assignment on the care planning process. I worked quite hard figuring out his question I was stuck on. I felt almost proud of myself. Then I saw all these people saying they hadn't even started the coursework, either because they "didn't get it" :eek2: or they "couldn't be arsed" :mad: It actually says these reasons on their application forms! My heart sank to the floor when I saw all this happening.

What is the point in me working hard to hand the coursework in on time if I'll get an extension no-questions asked anyway?!?!?! I could have done much better on these assigments if I was given longer like these individuals, my coursework would be brilliant and I could have asked tje tutor for extra help with the question I was stuck on!

What happens to these idiots that get extensions like that? Is it actually noted on the assignments and taken into account so they get marks knocked off? This has pissed me off beyond belief. I know I shouldn't let it get to me but I have to work very hard to get the grades I deserve, and to get it in on time.

***RANT OVER!!!!!***


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,328 The Mix Honorary Guru
    When I said rant, I still meant for nice people to come and help me!!!!
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,328 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I'm not going to be classed as a 'nice person' then. What does it matter? Would you rather see all your classmates fail? I don't think teachers aren't often as coldhearted as that.
    Yes, some of their excuses were crappy, but what does it matter to you? You have the knowledge that you worked hard and handed yours in on time, if you wanted to improve it that badly to make it brilliant you'd have asked for an extension too.

    I do get your point but it's always going to be that way so you're just wasting time being pissed off when you can't do a single thing. Like I said, just be happy that you worked hard. :)
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