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Trains on Saturday nights

SystemSystem Posts: 8,653 Staff Team
..or the lack of:

Any idea why no services run on Sunday between 00:00 and 08:00? I live 35 minutes train journey from Birmingham, and been to Code and DNA on Friday nights. In the small hours, I can catch a 3:12, 4:01 and 5:12 back to Stafford.

Tonight, I want to go to Sundisential Academy but the only thing that stops me is the lack of trains on a Sunday morning until 8:51am.

In France, there is a hotel chain called "F1", where you swipe your credit/debit card into a room and it only costs around £10 for the night. You can crash in at any time, and it is useful for travellers. Is there anything similar to this in the UK?
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