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I need help - quick!

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OK...this is a really complicated story - but I'll try and explain it as simply as I can.
It started back in August, I met this guy in a chat room one day and we get really friendly. After a while of chatting we found out loads about each other and decided to give each other our mobile numbers. He called me soon after our chat and he seemed like a really genuine guy. So we continued to talk - a LOT on the phone but also on webcam, email etc.

After a while, and getting more friendlier - we thought about meeting up. He suggested I go down to see him (but he is from the South and I'm from Scotland) Naturally I was pretty worried about meeting someone off the internet so he said that he would come up to see me - so I would be closer to home.

Then, this is the part that annoys me the most, my mum thought something was wrong with me and went through my whold bedroom and looked at my emails on the computer and found out that this meeting was being planned for the next weekend. My mum went mad at me and basically made me promise that I would stop all contact. But I couldn't as my feelings for him had grown even stronger.

He understood my problems with my mum and he never came up that weekend. A couple of weeks passed and the subject came up again, should we meet. I thought about going down there and I booked some cheap flights...I was excited and nervous. And, yet again, my mum went through my room to find my bank statememt with airline tickets on it - she knew it was to see him, and went mad again.

I could have gone down, but I didn't - because I didn't want to have to come back to all the akward questions from them. More money wasted on flights. Anyway, last weekend we planned for him to come up and see me. I met him at the airport on the Friday and he was everything I dreamed of, and more - all my worries had gone and I was, at last, happy. We had an AMAZING weekend together and seeing him go back home on the Sunday broke my heart (and his).

And now its this - we both want to be with each other all the time now. Eventually we want to live together. To sort things out I have booked tickets for next weekend to spend more time with him. I'm not worried about it at all. But my mum still thinks that I have no contact with him, she doesn't know about meeting him last weekend.

So...I'm gonna have to come up with an excuse for going away from Thursday to Monday next week. I am definately going - she cannot physically stop me (I'm 18 for God sake) I don't like lying, but I think I will need to for this weekend. Eventually I will have to tell the truth - when I go to live with him, but I just need as much advice as possible to allow me to go and enjoy my time with him.

Thanks for your time - I look forward to hearing your advice.

Take Care, Iain.


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