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Jobs after university

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Because I decided to take a gap year, and graduated in year 2002 instead of 2001, I was dealt a different hand of cards. I really did enjoy the gap year, so my main regret was the fact that I delayed most of my job applications after I left university.

There are a fair number of frustrated jobless graduates on this forum and I wonder what difference it would have made if graduates applied for jobs before leaving university.

My sister started applying in April of her final year. All-in-all, she applied for 3 jobs, had 2 interviews and had one job offer. I did apply for one job before the end of uni, and applied for another 98 jobs after leaving. All-in-all, I had 5 interviews and 0 job offers.

The year number (2001 & 2002) makes a difference, but it must be mainly the time you start applying. Theres nothing I've ever regrett more than leaving the applications until after uni. Did anyone else here left it until after uni?

Edit: Miscounted. Applied for 100 jobs, not 98.
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    I don't think it would have made much difference if I'd have applied before I graduated. My situation is that there aren't enough design jobs out there at the mo' and it's been like this for about a year. They say it's going to pick up after Xmas so I hope so! :rolleyes:
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    I would agree that it's more likely to be the nature of the business area your going into than the fact you took a gap year out. Design, advertising and computing are down at the moment and there are far more graduates than there are jobs at the moment. Sadly it might be more likely your over qualified for most places who already have a full compliment of proffessional staff and only need relatively inexpensive workers.

    Your not far from me Monserrat what job sector are you trying to get into?
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    Hiya MWF,

    I got the degree in Electronic Engineering. That covers a bit of computing, lots of maths, mechanics, telecommications and programming. More than half of the jobs I'm applying for are very menial in comparison, virtually all of them not requiring any more than 5 A-C GCSE passes.

    Also, Labour wants 50% of British students to have a degree by year 2010. I don't think this is going to happen.

    P.S. I live in Stafford, not far from S-O-T. The population I think is 120,000.
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    I graduated in the summer but only got a job in October. I wanted to be a housing officer or work in welfare benefits but nearly all of the posts I applied for required at least 1 year's experience of working in a similar job. The one's that didn't were really basically for filing clerks and I felt that, since I had a degree, I could do better. However as the summer dragged on and the places who actually gave me interviews didn't actually bother to write back to me I gave in and applied for the rubbish jobs as well. Luckily I found a job at Camden council as a housing benefits interviewer, which is what I wanted to do and it means that if I stick it out for a year then I'll have the necessary experience to get another job.

    It's ridiculous that most jobs ask for experience as how are you supposed to get it unless you take a really low paid job or do voluntary work, which is very difficult it you're trying to support yourself.

    Anyway, keep trying and I'm sure something will come up eventually.
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