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Not happy

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im feeling a bit down and depressed at the mo and i always feel by writing posts that it makes me feel a bit better talkin about it.
Since thursday just gone, i havent had any appetite at all. I put it down to my period being due cause i usually lose my appetite. Im known as being a good eater but ive never been like this for more than one day. The smell and sight just makes me feel sick. On thursday i was told my boyf was cheatin on me which upset me, but then i found out it wasnt tru-there was a mix up. It knocked me sick, but i felt better afta i talked to him. From thursday then, my mam n her boyf spilt up, i found a lot out about my real dad who i have never met and my grandads been ill. Maybe its everything thats been threw at me in the past fews days that has had an impact on me. Then yesterday my mam asked me if i was pregnant cause ive been going dizzy, eating things i wouldnt usually (b4 i lost my appetite) and generally feeling unwell and constantly sick. Im on the pill, i know its possible but iv had a period so that makes me think its impossible even though it aint. What if i did a test and it said i was-i wouldnt be able to cope. I dont know why im writing or what i want you to say, but i am feeling really low and im sick of it.


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    Re: Not happy

    I just wanted to say that I hope you feel happier soon. You can PM me if you want to.
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    the only way to put your mind at rest is to do a test, its the only way to know! Its not likely to be positive as youre one the pill. And even if it was, you would know in time to be able to decide what to do.

    As for being sick and generally unwell stress is the largest factor in illness. It really takes its toll, so perhaps you should try to unwind a bit. Have a nice bath, go out, anything that will let you forget everything for a while. You need to develop some sort of stress dealing mechanism or else when you go through a rough patch you will feel ill again unless you learn to cope with it.

    There are probably loads of books around about dealing with stress, but I would say some sort of activity is best to keep you busy, and most of all talk to the people around you. Try not to let things eat away at you inside.
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