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Open Uni

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hey all,
just wondering about those Open University degrees.

Is it worth it?

From what I've gathered through reading the prospectus type thing the courses take about 6 years (you fit the course in around your work etc) but what I'm worried about is; is this too long?

I'm hopefully getting on that IT Technician NVQ level 2 very soon, and the way it works out is that I'll be about 19 when I start the OU.
I'm not really sure if this is good or not, I really dont want to wait any longer past my 22 birthday; but depending on what happens it could be ok till my 24th.

I know I'm running before I can walk but I just thought that maybe for once in my life I'll have a plan for the future.

The main question is;
would anyone consider the OU to be worthwhile?

thanks a lot
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    cheers bruv I'm glad I've got evidence that there ARE people who made it thanks to OU:) .

    yeah the All Your Base shit is from that old game "Zero Wing".
    where it was a foreign game translated into english the grammer wasnt exactly perfect.

    it turned from a tiny inside joke to an internet phenomenon (not suprisin to see it in the hardcore style labs;))

    (edited to add this bit)

    History of 'All Your Base'

    1. Toaplan creates the Zero Wing video game.

    2. Toaplan releases a port for the Sega Genesis console with the addition of an intro scene, which is then translated into english (very poorly) and released in the United States.

    3. Toaplan goes out of business.

    4. Someone from a Zany Video Game Quotes website notices the poor translation, and highlights the game.

    5. Overclocked.org does a humorous voiceover of the Zero Wing intro in a fake Wayne Newton voice.

    6. Dozens of game-related messageboards begin to post quotes from the parody, and images altered to show the phrase.

    7. Most of the threads lose interest and die off quickly as the trend is pronounced dead countless times.

    8. The Flash movie/video is released with images from the threads and music taken from the origional game someone had added the phrase "all your base" to.

    9. AYB explosively expands to the general (non game messageboard-reading) public.

    10. The origional site for the video is shut down within hours due to excessive traffic, and moves to PlanetStarsiege.

    11. Lycos ponders how "All your Base" was transformed from obscurity to a top 50 search practically overnight.

    12. Mainstream media begin to notice the trend, and stories appear in Time Magazine, USA Today, Fox News, The Los Angeles Times, Tech TV, Wired, and many others.

    13. As the 'remix' used in the video goes from 58 hits a day to several thousand per day, mp3.com notices the track has been ripped directly from the video game and pulls the music off their site due to copyright violations. It is later returned unchanged.

    14. The trend continues to grow as it expands into nearly every corner of the web.

    15. Large websites like Angelfire and Hewlett Packard sneak "all your base" references into their designs.

    16. "All Your Base" is pronounced dead several times every day, yet it's 15 minutes of fame continue for some reason...
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    Hello there...
    The OU is a good option for those who want to work and study at the same time, it takes longer and requires dedication, you'll have to keep yourself motivated to get the work done, but it can be a fantastic alternative to the life of an impoverished student. The courses are generally more theory than practical due to the lack of teaching hours you will get... for more info try their website:
    Open University
    Offers further education to adults.
    Telephone: 01908 653231
    Website: www.open.ac.uk

    Susie :)
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