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Anyone know about Meth?

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Does anyone know anythink about Meth? Would like some info about it.


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    There are quite a few people on this board who could tell you some horrific tales about what meth did to them or people they knew. It is quite addictive, if your already quite a speed freek make sure you watch yourself on this.

    As for the drug itself, I love it, I've only done it a handful of times but everyone was great. It is similar to ordinary 'base' speed but much stronger, because it also acts as a seratonin blocker its a happier high with more rushes.
    You just ca not beat the rushes you get from meth.

    If you are buying powder then I wouldnt recomend you try to smoke it, most street stuff will be too impure for that and that way its even more addictive.
    Taking it oraly is a good way but it will last for AGES, make sure you have something to ease the landing.
    You can also snort it but it will hurt like nothing you've ever done, I mean I've snorted 2-ct-7 which is supposed to be the worse of anything but thats nothing to meth, dam I thought it was burning through my head.

    Meth is possibly the best club drug ever, you get to keep control of yourself so you actualy know what your doing but can dance for hours and really really enjoy yourself. Mixed with mdma it becomes possibly one of the more pleasurable drug combos ever, thats what the mitzi triangles were.
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