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Guts Golem

OK. I read some of the threats that guts has been posting. He redckons he can find out who we are by our IP address. The Ip is a machine code that changes everytime you log on to the internet. It specifies their connection and some hacking tools can flood your connection while your online as IPs can be got over ICQ. He says he changed his IP trying to make himself look smart. It changes automatically everytime you log on as a security matter as some software like Sub 7 and netbus can let people view and change stuff on your hard drive. In order for this to happen you have to open up a server on your machine which will be sent to you by the hacker who will tell you its a game or some screensaver. Once double cliked nothing will happen it will just change your windows directory to allow these backdoor programs to access anything on your machine. These servers can be sniffed out by most virus scanners. Guts boy can't do anything with our IP address because he can't tell when we are online or if we logged of or on again.

Stop making empty threats, I have used these IP programs many a time and gained access to many computers and I know precisely what you can and can't do.
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    Yeah, and Golem, this site is for people who want some serious discussion about sensitive issues, not for guys like you who can only get off by threatening people you've never met.
    Ignore all of Golem's threats. He can't do anything. He just doesn't have the brains for talking, threats are the only thing his intellect can cope with. The guy's an arsehole, ignore him.
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