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Hey, I've been depressed for several years now, and I've seen a psychiatrist and psychotherapist and psychologist (yeah, lots of psychos :p ) that was about maybe 3 years ago now. They never gave me pills or anything, and I hated talking, so after about 6 months or so, they let me go.
They let me go because I started taking illegal drugs, which they didnt know about. The drugs made me happy. About 1 n half years later, and a rather bad experince with drugs later, I make my first step along the long long road to gettign clean. Another half a year later and I have another bad experience.
Ive been clean 4 months now, but I've changed. I get really really hyperactive over nothing and Im so uncontrollable. Other times I get really really low and angry and want to kill myself. Today I got so angry and upset over a maths question, I tried to throw a desk across the room and cried. When I was made to stay back after class, through my lunch break to finish the questions, I cried more and threw a pen at the teacher because I couldnt do the work. This isnt me, the quiet, sensible, funny girl I used to be. I hate it but I can't stop myself! Recently it seems I can't concentrate on anything and I just get to hyper and depressed and angry. I just can't be normal any more... and it's really getting me annoyed at myself because I cant control myself. I don't want to go back to the psycho people again because I really really hated it, and I hate talking to people. I can't even talk to my best friends and my parents.
What should/can I do? :(


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    I'm not sure if you're living in the UK, but most of our info is British-based. If you are in the UK and feeling desperate or suicidal, the Samaritans are good people to get in touch with. They listen to you, don't judge you, and may be able to recommend local professionals, organisations, or self-help groups.
    More info and phone number here:

    Your GP may be very helpful, if you don't get along with them then ask to see a different doctor at the practice.

    Much as you don't like talking to people, this is often the best way to sort out your problems, and stop them from coming back. Perhaps you could have a look at the MIND website, they are an excellent organisation who support people with all kinds of problems:

    best wishes,

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    Yeah, I am in the UK, and I got so many suicide line phone numbers n that, given to me by shrinks and that. I just dont wanna call them cause I hate talking to people so much. *is scared* :(
    Thanks for those links though, I'll take a look at them.
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    it could always be a withdrawl side effect from certian drugs. how long has it been going on for? when did you stop the drugs and what kind were they?
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