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re coursework view-sex under 16

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Hiya, i was just wondering if u lot could give me some views please as i need some for my r.e coursework in school. plz nufink naughty said coz im gona ave tp print this out, thanx.
What are your views on sex under 16 years of age? do u think its right or think that the law should change or anything,
Thanx for ne replies luv s_m_b xx


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    Well OK, isn't age of consent legislation set to try and 'protect' teenagers? If the sixteen limit were repealed (for both straights and gays), then is it wise for a fourty year old man to have sex with a twelve year old girl (or vice versa)?

    What about paedophilia? With no age of consent laws couldn't some adult attempt to molest children?

    Just some thoughts. :)
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    Interesting point: Despite having an age of consent, which many European countries don't (e.g. Germany, judging by the Bravo problem pages - but correct me if I'm wrong, Morgenstern!), the UK still has the highest teenage (and presumably also underage?) pregnancy rate in Europe. And you've only got to read some of these threads to see that not being 16 doesn't bother many people when wanting to have sex. So, something appears not to be working. And I must say, it seems very bizarre to whack a specific age on maturity, as it varies from person to person: Some people have sex at 15 with no regrets, I waited until I was 19.

    Although saying that, I think not having an age of consent would mess up the law and prosecutions a bit (I don't really know the details, not being a lawyer...maybe someone else could expand on this?)

    BUT I think the most important thing is to ensure a decent sex education programme, and make sure that teens use protection, at whatever age they're at it.
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    correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure that in Holland, although it is legal for children to have sex over the age of 12, they are only allowed to have sex with people of a similar age. therefore a 40 year old man sleeping with a 12 year old would be just as harshly punished as in any other country
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    It is actually a lil more involved than that but in general that is the case Rainbow. In Holland the minimum age of consent is 12 for girls, with the provision that her partner is also a minor.

    If, however, any parent, guardian or otherwise responsible adult wished to take issue with a particular raltionship going on at that age, they may do so with the full compliance of the law.

    So basically the safety net is far larger in Holland than in many other countries which allow sexual consent between minors.
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    I think we could learn a lot from the way they do things in Holland.
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    in my opinion sex is one of those areas where everyone is different I know both men and women who are saving themselves for that special person and I know both men and women who are very open with sex and have it at every opertunity (sp)

    in my mind i feel that not everything that is legal is right and not everything illegal is bad

    I bet most of us know someone just turned 16 who's seeing a far older partner, I know one guy who has been seeing a women twice his age since he turned sixteen, and for that matter I know at least three girls sleeping with far older guys, (I dont really know where I stand with this in my heart of hearts it makes me abit nervous I tend to stick with people my own age)

    they say it's ok cause it's legal, I'm not so sure

    on the other hand what about say a girl of 14 sleeping with a guy of 17, it's only three years and she could be ready in her mind for sex, everyones different so it's very possible she is ready,

    is it bad that she's having sex, proberbly not as long as there both careful, but technically it's illegal

    I like the way in holland it's ok for people of a similar age to be together it means things can be more open especially between parents and children

    the uk has a frightenly high number of teenparents I know dozens of girls from high school who have more then one child (I wont say anythign about different fathers I'll leave that comment for you lot)

    I think the age of consent should be lowered maybe not to 12, I think 14 is a far more realistic age, but there should be very serious laws concerning older people (not just old men) going after teenages, How about a law along the lines of a minor can sleep with a minor form the age of 14, but it is discoraged for minors to be in sexually relationships with adults, I've put discoraged because what happens when you get a 17 year old going out with a 20 year old, could cause hassle

    I am sorry if I might have rambled abit in this post
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